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eISSN : 2287-4577
pISSN : 2287-9099
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Vol 10 No1  March 2022

01 Examining the Practice of Digital Scholarship Services at Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City Thi Huyen Ngo, Hong Sinh Nguyen, Thi Kim Thoa Ninh 18 Development of ASEAN Network Model on Information Literacy Chutima Sacchanand 30 Shifting Meme Content during Information Development on the COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia Kadri Kadri, Jumrah Jumrah 45 Using Ontology to Represent Cultural Aspects of Local Products for Supporting Local Community Enterprise in Thailand Phakharach Plirdpring, Taneth Ruangrajitpakorn 59 Infodemic: The New Informational Reality of the Present Times Carlos Alberto Ávila Araújo 73 Utilization of Log Data Reflecting User Information-Seeking Behavior in the Digital Library Seonhee Lee, Jee Yeon Lee

· Original Articles
Keywords: digital scholarship, digital scholarship services, higher education, Vietnam
Author(s): Thi Huyen Ngo, Hong Sinh Nguyen, Thi Kim Thoa Ninh
Keywords: information literacy, ASEAN, networking, LIS education, LIS research
Author(s): Chutima Sacchanand
Keywords: COVID 19, content analysis, Indonesia, information, memes, social media
Author(s): Kadri Kadri, Jumrah Jumrah
Keywords: community enterprise, intangible culture, local product, ontology, knowledge graph
Author(s): Phakharach Plirdpring, Taneth Ruangrajitpakorn
Keywords: infodemic, disinformation, fake news, scientific negationism, post truth
Author(s): Carlos Alberto Ávila Araújo
Keywords: log data, information seeking behavior, log pattern analysis, log context analysis, digital library, South Korea
Author(s): Seonhee Lee, Jee Yeon Lee

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